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Pokies Tips For Beginners

Who doesn’t love a few spins of the pokies machines? It’s easy, relaxing, and can even help get a few extra dollars in your pocket. Plus, with the advancements of modern technology pokies games are now more entertaining than ever before. Featuring crisp HD graphics, professional grade animation, and incredible soundtracks, some modern online pokies game are nothing short of a digital masterpieces.

But for those newcomers who are unfamiliar with how pokies games work, it can all seem a little overwhelming, and perhaps confusing. What are all those numbers running up and down the play area? What is the difference between a standard pokies game, and a progressive pokies game? Don’t worry; everyone is a beginner at some point. Here are a few essential tips for beginners to the online pokies scene.

Betting Lines

Modern real money pokies games work via a system called betting lines. A betting line is simply an added chance to make a winning combination, opening up lines in the play area. Different games have different numbers of betting lines, and these can be unlocked by raising the betting amount. It’s a very simple system; the more betting lines mean the more chances to win, but higher upfront betting amount.

Instinct is to have all betting lines open all the time, but it is wise to raise and lower the betting lines, depending on how much the player wishes to risk. It’s all a matter of personal strategy, and should be thought about carefully. Either way, some pokies games will only allow the jackpot to be won on a spin where all the betting lines are open, so be sure to read the winning criteria of the game you’re playing.

Progressive Versus Standard

Progressive pokies games are some of the most popular available, allowing the player a shot at winning an enormous amount of money. But, it should be kept in mind that progressive jackpot pokies games often have lower normal payouts than standard pokies games. The jackpot for a progressive game is shared, meaning that money people are playing for the same jackpot simultaneously.

A standard pokies game has a much lower jackpot amount, but tends to payout more for smaller wins. There is no shared jackpot for a standard game, but a considerable jackpot amount will still be up for grabs. As to which game is better really is up to the player.

Just Spin

One of the mot appealing things about pokies games is that they require little in the way of deep strategic thinking. Most will work just fine by simply tapping, or clicking, the spin button. Many games have no betting line systems, and require nothing more than a simple nudge from he player to get started.

If anything about the game confuses you, there will be a help button located on the user interface, generally appearing as a question mark, or a button labelled “payouts.” Select this button for a more detailed explanation on how the game works. Good luck, and have fun!