How The Martingale System Works

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How The Martingale System Works

There are many strategy guides available online, giving detailed guidance on how to make the most of online casino games. In fact, every casino game from blackjack to roulette has a number of strategy guides, all of which are free to download and try out. For those who are serious about casino games, strategy guides are absolutely essential, and if you do not currently have one, it is recommend you get one as soon as possible.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that there is no such thing as a perfect strategy guide. Casino games are all partly about luck, which means that no strategy guide can be 100% accurate 100% percent of the time. The best a strategy guide can do is help you make the most of every situation, and allow you to emerge from each game with more in your pocket than when you started off. In other words; strategy guides are about the best it is possible to achieve in imperfect circumstances.

In order to understand the basics of strategy guides, let’s look at the Martingale System, considered to be one of the simplest strategy guides that yields good results.

Simple Mathematics

When you get right down to it, strategy guides are about mathematics and statistics. Casino games are based around chance, and chance can be quantified in the form of statistics. Working with these statistics is the best way to get positive results much like you’d get in online blackjack Canada games.

In the Martingale System the statistics of red versus black on the roulette wheel are tackled, and a very simple, but elegant solution is applied. The player is required to put on amount on either red or black, which yields a 48% chance of success on a roulette wheel with a single zero pocket. Avoid roulette wheels with two zero pockets at all costs.

If the bet succeeds, the player takes the winnings and sets them aside, then place the original bet on the same colour as before. If the bet fails, the lost bet must be replaced with the same sum as has been lost, plus that same amount again. Hence; if the bet succeeds on the second attempt, the loss is made back, plus profit. If two losses occur in a row, the total sum of the lost bets must be wagered, plus that same amount again. It simple.

If the bet succeeds, the winnings must be put aside, and the original bet once again placed on the same colour. And this is all there is to the Martingale System.

Not Infallible

The Martingale System is so simple, yet so effective, because it tackles the statistics head on. In essence; it is the perfect betting strategy, because the response to a loss is simply to make back the loss, plus profit. It’s impossible to lose. Or is it?

The Martingale System will work flawlessly, up until the point that five losses have occurred in a row. The chances of this happening are only 2%, but will mean that the system collapses. As with all casino game strategy guides, the system is not perfect, but will give profits.